Since 1985

Started by our founder Ginny Knapp in 1985 as a direct mail, fulfillment and printing company, Andrew Associates has grown in size and capabilities to meet the needs of our wide range of clients.

Tina Bazarian


Graeme Bazarian


Vaughn Bazarian

A Good Boy

Ana Arocho

Operations Manager

Mary McCarthy

Director of Marketing & Business Development

Pete Donaldson

Senior Account Executive

Teresa Utt

Director of Nonprofit Marketing & Senior Account Executive

Nolan Richter

Creative Director

Linda Futterman

Associate Creative Director

Matt Audette

Senior Account Executive

Ben Poulin

Senior Designer

Jan Kuczarski


Heather Strange

Customer Service Manager

Glen Talbot

Director of Managed Services

Dan Austin

Data Manager

Dawn Hagerman

Senior Account Executive

Ashley Nyman

Nonprofit Campaign Manager

Sharon Yost

Accounting Manager/Human Resources

Carly Tuggle

Account Manager

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