At Andrew Associates, we take great pride in the work we do helping nonprofits tell their story, raise money and rally support.

ready. aim. ask.

We start with creating clear messages about all the wonderful things the organization does in clear, consistent ways across all media. A lot goes into this process, including researching, gathering and digesting as much information as possible about the organization, synthesizing it and bringing it home in a way potential donors can relate to.

We take aim at the prime target audiences by approaching acquisition list, donor modeling and campaign analytics in a thorough and definitive way.

And then we ask: for money, membership support, for a reaction. But not just any reaction. The one that’s going to move the needle, forward the cause and help the nonprofit continue to make a difference.

Nonprofit organizations understand the value of what Andrew Associates provides. With Strategic Planning, Data, Direct Marketing, Advertising services (you know, creative direction, copy, design), and even Printing—all through a single point of contact and all under one roof. It’s what Andrew Associates has been doing for nonprofit clients successfully since day one.