the challenge

Johnson & Hill
Help Wanted: Johnson & Hill, a staffing agency located in Springfield, Massachusetts, needed an agency to help them stand out from the crowd and let employers know they’ve got the right people to fill their jobs.


the big idea

Andrew Associates answered the call and developed a print advertising campaign that tackled the challenges employers face when trying to fill a position. This series of ads addressed these challenges head-on, while highlighting the unique differentiators and approach that set the staffing agency apart from its competition. (And won Andrew Associates a few awards, too!)


JohnsonHill_Might-Do_Hort_BW-4c          JohnsonHill_Sorta-Achiever_Hort_BW-4c



the results

Aside from garnering Andrew Associates some awards (did we already mention that?), the campaign raised general awareness of the employment agency, expanded their pool of employees and increased employer awareness and inquiries.

JohnsonHill_Somebody_VertHalf_BW             JohnsonHill_TestDrive_VertHalf_4C_BW             JohnsonHill_UsualSuspects_VertHalfNEW


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