the challenge


For over 40 years, HAPHousing has helped individuals and families find their way to stable housing and better lives in Western Massachusetts. In preparation for a fundraising event, HAPHousing turned to Andrew Associates to create a video that would highlight various aspects of their work through their six areas of focus—or lines of business—in order to inspire potential donors to donate.

the big idea

A documentary-style video featuring people whose lives have been changed for the good by the work HAPHousing does every day. Andrew Associates knew that the individuals and families needed to tell the story of their journeys with HAPHousing in their own words.


the results

Andrew Associates produced a compelling 20-minute video that captured the essence of the impact HAPHousing makes on people in Western Massachusetts. Informational and emotional, the video played to a hushed room of potential donors, and with the evening culminating in a successful fundraising effort. The video is also being used as an ongoing fundraising tool.

Photography from the shoot, as well as snippets of the individual stories, were also put to work in a general marketing piece for HAPHousing.

HAPHousing — The Way Home Brochure

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