the challenge


Andrew Associates was challenged to develop a way to roll out the details of Aubuchon’s new commercial loyalty rewards program, HomeTeam Pro.

There were several messages that needed to be conveyed to current ProCard members; the name change from Procard to HomeTeam Pro, new incentives based on a rolling 12-month purchase history, a 2% year-end reward without a minimum purchase requirement and special offers to entice current members to take immediate advantage of the new program.

Additionally, just prior to Aubuchon’s rewards program revamp they took on the Benjamin Moore® paint line. With this addition came another challenge, not every Aubuchon location could sell the paint line due to strict franchising rules of Ben Moore—distribution of a generic offer for all store locations was out of the question.

Aubuchon also wanted to survey its ProCard members during the rollout of the new program.


the big idea

Right out of the gate Andrew Associates developed an eye-catching, personalized (variable data/image) self mailer to effectively and efficiently unveil the HomeTeam Pro rewards program.

It was decided to use this opportunity to thank current ProCard members and then spell out the details of HomeTeam Pro.

The piece was designed to draw the member to the really important information and offers, like the 2% year-end reward, the buy more, save more store-wide discount and the member’s current 12-month purchase history so they would know their level of discount eligibility.

The importance of getting response to the online survey was realized and special attention was given to the offer design and placement to ensure member action.

Variable offer coupons were designed and were inserted based on the member’s most frequented Aubuchon location — creating the perfect solution to the franchising restrictions and ensuring the coupon could be redeemed at the member’s preferred Aubuchon location.



the results

The offers produced a redemption rate of 9%.


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